Sale Chevrolet Camaro 1979 release
If you value speed and comfort, note: sold 1979 Chevrolet Camaro for discounted 777$! Camaro is short for the French word Camarade, which means "friend". For 777$ you will get a true friend, reliable and tested by time. Sold Chevrolet Camaro 1979 at: USA, Los Angeles, SANTA MONICA, CA 90401, 101.

Chevrolet Camaro are produced since 1966. But in 1979 this model was especially popular: during the year General Motors sold 282500 such vehicles.
We offer you to buy a 1979 Chevrolet Camaro with a discount for 777$. This is the second generation of this model. Rear-wheel drive car equipped with a V-shaped eight-cylinder petrol engine volume of 5.7 liters and power of 354 HP (186 kW). Transmission – automatic, three-speed. Ground clearance is 13 see

Vehicle dimensions: length 479 cm, width 190 cm, height – 126 cm Width of wheelbase – 276,1 see the Spacious interior is extremely comfortable. In such a machine will feel at ease the people of any height and physique. Why buy the 1979 Chevrolet Camaro for discounted 777$ worth it if only for the sake of comfortable salon.

The body "coupe" of this car, as with all sports models made from durable metal. You can see the old digitized videos of the crash tests that shows how the Chevrolet Camaro is faced with various trucks. Of course, serious bumps, the car gets damaged, but the damage is not as fatal as would be the case if the same test was done the car with a body made of thin metal.
For sale 1979 Chevrolet Camaro for discounted 777$, so it can fearlessly purchase even an inexperienced driver. The special design of the suspension ensures excellent handling. The car is equipped with catalytic converters, which does not causes significant harm to the environment.

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